Things That Made Me Happy (May)

1. Started Summer School — Even though I’m lazy at doing my homework and stuff, I do love going to school. And this means that I’ll finish this year, not next year. 2. We got a new kiosk at work and it’s sooo much bigger and nicer. 3. I got a spinning bike and I […]

Veggie Life – 2

INSPIRATIONS Today, I want to talk about the people and organizations that have inspired me to change and that helped with the transition. Little Message: I changed the name of these posts because I officially decided, that for now, I’ll be a vegetarian. I thought I can cut out all animal-based foods all at once […]

Vegan Life – 1

In the middle of March, I decided to become Vegan. There is a “1” in the title because this will be a series of posts talking about my journey. I will probably post once or twice a month. I am so proud and happy about this new life decision. I have watched many, many documentaries about […]

I Hate Food!

Hey guys, so I thought today I will make a post about food. The title is misleading, I love food! I want to start by saying that, I am not on any kind of diet, and I am definitely not a nutritionist. I use to have a gym membership; that I was paying for nothing […]

Being Sick Sucks

The season is changing and people often get sick during these times and a while ago there was a virus going around, so I figured I’ll make a post about how I take care of myself when I am sick. Honestly, there is not much to it, I use to buy all kinds of sick/flu […]