Let’s begin…

I chose to write ‘Always follow your dreams’ on the top of my site because it is EXTREMELY important to do so. It does not matter how scary it is or what others think. Just go for it!!

I decided to start my own blog as a way for me to get closer to my dream. I am, for some reason, very scared to say that, my dream is to become a writer.

It feels so good to say it out loud, or at least in writing!

I realized that the path I am on, is the right path but I was not thinking of it in the right way. I’m currently in my third year of university, at Concordia University. I am studying to attain a bachelor degree in English Literature. At first I wanted to continue school and get a master degree, in order to become a teacher. But I knew deep down that it was not what I wanted. So, when I finish school, I will then try to find any job in writing or editing.


A few years ago, I started writing a novel and I stopped writing it because I lost interest in it. The story is somewhat still interesting to me, maybe I’ll go over it again. It’s a vampire type of novel (hint: the theme of a few years ago). Once I get the time to go over it, perhaps I’ll post a page or two.

I will be creating a schedule for how many times and when I will post every week. I’ll let you guys know soon!

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog.


(Picture found on Pinterest)

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