Story Time (1.1)

This is a story I started writing in 2011. Each chapter is about a day or two long, and every chapter also states the time of day (morning, afternoon, night). Throughout the story, there are also diary entries. Right now I will only post the first chapter and eventually post some more.

I hope you enjoy!


Chapter 1

Wednesday, June 1st – Afternoon

    Like always, I was at the Jackson’s residence, we were in the basement listening to music and getting high. As I stared at a painting of flowers on the wall, I realized that we do not do anything anymore. We use to roam the streets of Montreal every night, we loved getting to know our city. I also just realized that with whatever activity we were doing there was always weed involved.
    “Beck, you’re hogging the joint again!” said Lex. I do that whenever I drift off in my thoughts. I silently past it back to him; I did not want anymore, anyways.

    Lexis Jackson is 22 years old, one year younger than his brother Lewis. I have been around these guys my whole life and I know them perfectly. They both act and think a lot alike, but they don’t look alike. Lex has blue eyes and dirty blond hair, he looks just like his father, but Lewi has green eyes with black hair, his parents do not have green eyes, but his grandpa did and his dark hair is from his mother.  We’ve been neighbours ever since my parents moved into our street. When we first started playing together, we were around five, and ever since then, we were inseparable. You can say, they are like brothers to me.

    I looked at the time, and it was almost time for me to go home and get ready for work. “Shit, I should have brought my stuff here so I could have just gotten ready here!”
“Lazy ass!” Lewi responded with a cute giggle afterwards.
“Shut up, I’m not lazy, I’m just tired!” I actually was lazy and I hated going home when I was high. Lewi rolled his eyes as he pretended to believe me. Of course, I knew they did not believe me.

    I work at this really popular restaurant-bar called Shake. Usually, in bars, you don’t really dance, but the reason it’s called Shake is that there are two floors to the bar, the main entrance which is the restaurant and bar, and there is a second floor, which has a bar and a dance floor. I work on the main floor, I like it there because it’s calm and easy-going. I once covered for a friend on the second floor, and I didn’t really like it. It was actually boring just making drinks and watching people dance. On top of that, it was also so louder, my ears actually hurt at the end of the shift. On the main floor, we socialize and walk around to serve people at booths and tables. Plus, I realized I get more tips on the main floor! There are three reasons why I decided to work at a bar; (1) I pay for all my school expenses, my car, phone bill and everything I need, (2) I get paid really well, I can make easy around four hundred dollars and more on a busy night, and, (3) I get to meet new people every time I work.

    Apart from working at a bar and hanging with my best friends, I go to Press University studying photography and writing. On my nineteenth birthday Lex and Lewi bought me an expensive professional camera because they knew I was going to study in photography and at that time, I was using a cheap little digital camera and my phone to take my pictures, which wasn’t professional. To add to that, my parents had bought me the greatest laptop for writing and the software for modifying my pictures. Thanks to these amazing people, I was set to start university. I did, okay in my first year,  and by the time I realized that I should have spent more time studying, it was too late, but I did good enough to pass. Let’s hope that this year to come, I will do better.

June 4th – Late at Night

    Lewi, with his impeccable timing, called me the moment I was stepping out of work, “Hey, Becky calling it a night, or you want to come with me and Lex to check out a point?” I’m sure he was able to hear the excitement in my voice when I responded. I had a smile that covered my entire face. We had not been out in a while, which is why I was extra excited. I had a change of clothes with me, so I went directly to their house to change. After getting ready we took my car; Lex did not have a car, he didn’t want the headache of having a car, and anyways, he had it easy, he had his brother and me drive him wherever he wanted. Lewi has a shit-box of a car, so when we would plan any type of trip, we always took my car.

    Going places with these two is sometimes a headache because they never want to use a GPS. They would look up the location, and then go with the highway signs. We would often get lost, but in the end, we always got to the locations. We didn’t get lost this time, we got to the location with no problem. And parked the car and had to walk up a hill. When we reached the top of the hill, just off the highway, we sat down and watched our beautiful city. It was a perfectly calm night, there was a nice warm summer breeze. I love nights like this, hanging with the two guys I love the most and feeling like I am on top of the world. Summer has officially started, and I had a feeling that this summer was going to be filled with many adventures.


The “(1.1)” in the title means that this is the first post for this story. I will be numbering the posts, so that it can be easy to follow along.

Feel free to email or comment down below your thoughts.


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