The thing about thrifting is, you cannot go there thinking about getting one specific thing. Sadly, you won’t find it, well you might, but chances are you will not. When I went shopping at Value Village the other day, the only thing I had in mind is looking for tops, nothing specific, just tops.

I found 5 items:

  1. 2 flannels (like I don’t have enough),
  2. a white t-shirt,
  3. a long-sleeve crop black sweater &
  4. (my favourite find) a Tommy Hilfiger coat

The flannels and cropped sweater were $3,99 each, the t-shirt was $4.99 and the Tommy Hilfiger was $22.99, which adds up to a total of $39.95 (before taxes).

That’s a f** steal!!

I already have sooooo many flannels, (wait.. that jean one can be considered a flannel or not?? Whatever, I’ll say it does)… but, honestly, there’s never enough. I already have a jean one, but mine is a lot lighter, and the pink one (it looks red, but it’s pink), I bought because I didn’t have a girly colour like that, and the back is longer than the front, which I love. I literally own 3 white shirts now, two plain white and the other is white with thin black lines. The white shirt I already own is a boyfriend type of shirt, and I wanted a tight white shirt to wear under my black tank tops. I have been going crazy for cropped sweaters, but I never seem to find one that fits the way I like, till now. I always go through all the sections, whether I want something from that section or not, and I did sort of, had in mind a long coat and yay, I found that.

I have been shopping at thrift stores for 5 years now and I know when I find something good. For example, I know that, that coat has either never been worn or worn extremely little, I get this from checking the corners of the pockets, the inside of the hood, the wear of the tags, and the main thing, the cuff of the sleeves. But overall, you can also see how new it looks.

I can’t wait to wear that coat, it’s extremely cold in Montreal right now, so I’ll have to wait!!


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