This is not political!! This is my manifesto for my blog!!

I have already stated my purpose for blogging and I do not want to sound repetitive. But I believe this manifesto will really clarify me and my purpose.

Let’s go..

What I want to achieve is, I simply want to put my writing out into the world. When I say writing I mean stories, but also whatever other posts I do. Ideally, I would get a following, but I do not mind. The importance is getting my work out. Another thing, is that I just want to make sure I am writing daily. Maybe I won’t post daily, but I do write future posts in advance. I know I get better and better everyday and that’s the way to learn.

What values are important to me? I have two main: peace and happy. I stay away from anything or anyone that can cause me to feel any negative feelings. I also choose to live a stress-free life. I do not allow myself to worry about anything, because I believe things will happen if they are meant to be.

I am committed to my blog because it’s important for my future as a writer. I will use my blog as a reference to my writing and a way to grow as a writer. I am committed to learn from my mistakes and learn from others.

I am simply a regular girl, who is trying to live her dreams. I am living them my way and I want to share that with the world. I have found it hard to talk about my dreams, but I am finally motivated enough and determined to go after them.

I am blogging because I love the idea of having my own website and putting my work up on it. I always wanted to become a blogger and I finally am.


I hope everyone had a fun and safe new year. & I hope this year brings you everything you desire.

Happy New Year!!



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