Stranded on an island…

What are the three things you will bring with you and why?

I thought this can be fun post..

1. First Aid Kit

But like a full on super kit, not some little one with a few bandages and some alcohol wipes. I want to be able to take care of myself if I get hurt. Which I probably will, I can be pretty clumsy.

2. Water Filter

Google search says that you can go about 3 weeks with only water. I did not do a huge research into this. (So don’t take my word for it) So with the water filter I can at least survive with water, until I hunt for food.

3. Book

I could have used my 3rd choose for something useful, but I simple book will be essential to pass the time. I don’t know which book, maybe the book I am reading at that moment, (hopefully it’s a good one) or just a really big book.

My favourite author is Mitch Albom because I read all of his books. My only ‘problem’ is that his books have a somewhat God, and heaven theme to them and I am not at all religious. But his books are amazing!!

Last semester in University, I read ‘Bottle Rocket Heart’ by Zoe Whittall. The novel is about girl that lives in Montreal, in the middle of the 90s. & I have to say that, that must be my favourite book.



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