How I Stay Organized & My Study Habits

BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT: When I created my blog, my intentions were to post like 2-3 times a week. But I realized with school and work, that it is pretty much impossible. I will post a minimum of once a week though, that’s for sure.

Today’s post is about how I stay organized during the school year, without loosing my mind. I am a bit of a clean freak and I have a hard time doing things if my surroundings and what-not are not organized. & I will also include my study habits.

Fun Example: Whenever I am getting ready for an event or something, by the time I am ready, my room looks like a tornado had just passed by. Which is perfectly normal! But at the end of the night, when I come back home, no matter the time or how drunk I am. I will clean my room before going to bed!!

Anyways.. Let’s get to it! The following steps are what I do to stay organized & study.

Step 1 – Clean Room

The first thing for staying organized is making sure my room is clean and everything is in the right place. This is a picture of a part of my room, that shows my desk and shelves. As you can see everything is neatly placed. My bed might look made, but that is honestly the only thing I never do. Even though I have a desk, I do most of my work on my bed, so there is no point in making my bed. I pass the vacuum and clean the floor once a week and I also clean my shelves a little, to remove the dust, and clean my mirror.

PS: If you spotted the bottle of Gin, it’s for the days I just want to give up… No, not true!!! That bottle has been there for a year now, I just don’t know what to do with it because I don’t like drink hard liquor, I’m more of a beer girl.


Step 2 – Clean & Empty Desk

I do not understand people who have a shit load of things on their desks. I never have anything on it. When I am studying or doing homework, I always have a cup of tea with me. It’s really weird but if I have any type of essay to write, and I do not have my cup of tea while writing, I will not get it done.


Step 3 – My MacBook

  1. I keep my folder for school on my desktop, in order to have fast access.
  2. Within my school folder, I have folders for each semester, for example this semester is Winter 2018.
  3. And then I have a folder for each class I am taking and I keep any electronic bills in a folder for my income taxes. (Second picture shows an example of my EDUC 230 class)
  4. Lastly, I make sure my desktop and my Mac overall is not full of useless things and messy. My boyfriend has a shit tune of things on his desktop and his downloads folder, don’t even get me started. I can’t!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 WITH NUMBERS AMScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 2.09.47 PM
Yes, if y’all were wondering, my background is one of the last scenes from the movie Grease.

Step 4 – My Agenda

I have a love-hate relationship with my agenda ever since I started university. During high school and college, my agenda was everything to me, I wrote literally everything inside. But for some reason since I have started university I have a hard time keeping an agenda, but this semester I will get back on track. These are just picture examples of what my agenda looks like.


Step 5 – Breaks

I allow myself to have breaks, sometimes they last an hour, but sometimes a few days. Oh well!! It’s important to study everyday but take it easy.

Step 6 – Marginalia

Now some people might hate me, others will understand. As an English Literature Major, I read a tune loads of books and I am also tested or I have to write essays on those books. So the only way I keep track of everything, is by writing in the margins.

Step 7 – Sticky Notes & Highlighting

Another important step is to highlight important passages, or quotes that I think I can use later. I also put a sticky note at the end of every chapter with a mini summary of what I read.

Those are just some basic things I do to keep organized while at school and while I study. Some people might work by studying all the time, others love cramming everything last minute.. Whatever works man!!

I hope you enjoyed this post!!

Let me know what you guys do to stay organized and what are your study habits!!



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