Typical​ Day in my Life

I do not do much with my days, I take things pretty relax.

On a basic day, I either work or go to school, and when I am done with either, I do not stick around after finishing; I either go home or go to my boyfriend’s.

I go to school on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. On the other days, I either work or just hang out at home.

I try to do yoga when I wake up in the morning but it does not always happen. & I try to meditate for 5-10 minutes at the end of the day.


I usually wake up around 8-9 o’clock, that is because all my classes are in the afternoon and I do not work before school so I can wake up whenever I want. On the days that I do work I wake up, maybe, a little earlier than 8.

It does not take me long to get ready for work (I have a uniform) and I do not wear makeup to work. For school though, I can go through 4 different outfits before going out the door. I do not do any crazy makeup either, but getting dress often takes me time.

I feel very comfortable in my own skin not wearing makeup in public, it was not the case a few years ago. But by following a good skin routine, I was able to overcome that insecurity over my skin.

This is one of my most favourite pictures without any makeup.


Apart from working or going to school, I either spend my days watching shows (I have a list of like 10+ shows that I watch), studying, working on my blog or (the best) spending time with my Boo.

I occasionally go out with a friend to eat or shopping.

I honestly try not to overwhelm myself with too many things to do, because I like taking it easy and not having to worry about having to do so many things. Just with work and school, that takes up a lot of my time, so whatever other time I have, I just want to spend it relaxing with my Boo or my closest friends.

I usually call it a night around 11-12 max, I like to get my sleep so that I can be top-shape the next day.

So this was all pretty scared information, let me give you a more detailed example, of, let’s say, Tuesday’s:

stickies-1902735_1280 (1)

That is a basic Tuesday for me, of course, it may vary, but that’s pretty much it.

Let me know what your days are like!!?



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