Being Sick Sucks

The season is changing and people often get sick during these times and a while ago there was a virus going around, so I figured I’ll make a post about how I take care of myself when I am sick.

Honestly, there is not much to it, I use to buy all kinds of sick/flu pills & syrups and I stopped buying them because I wanted my body to learn to fight colds a little more naturally.

My remedies/techniques for getting rid of a cold fast:

  1. I make myself or ask my mom to make me any kind of vegetable soup, or I love this rice and ground beef soup my mom makes. It is very important to keep your body well nourished during a cold.
  2. I get all the sleep needed! This is my favourite, I love sleeping, well who doesn’t? Your body needs to rest and gain the energy needed to kick the colds ass.
  3. I drink lots of water and juice, I do not drink a lot of juice on a regular basis, but I love getting Sunny D and Apple Juice when I have a cold. Your body also needs a lot of fluids to flush out the cold. I also love drinking lemon water, I drink it cold or if I warm to it I put honey.
  4. TEA!! I could have put this in with the 3rd one, but no, Tea gets its own point. I love tea and I have various teas and when I am sick I like to mix them. For example, I love to mix a detox tea and ginger tea. I also drink a lot of Kombucha Green Tea. I also put honey in my tea if I have a sore throat because honey helps soothe a sore throat.
  5. The only ‘medicine’ I take is Advil, once in the morning and again before going to bed. It helps with any body aches, headaches and it helps me sleep at night.
  6. If my nose is stuffy, I use a saline solution spray for decongestion.

I might totally be jinxing myself, but in 2017 I did not get sick as many times as I did in the previous years, so I am hoping that 2018 will be an even greater year.

My daily habits also help me avoid catching a cold from others. I work as a cellphones sales representative so I touch a lot of peoples phones, but we have a few hand sanitizers in the kiosk so I keep my hands clean. When I rid the subway I do not touch the handrails, I steady myself on my own. I avoid touching my face when I am out shopping or doing anything because I might have touched something that will transfer bacterias. And most importantly, I always wash my hands when I finish with the bathroom and before I eat.

Do you have any great methods or old family tricks to share?



Just a reminder: I am not a doctor, above is what I do and I am not responsible for anybody’s choices to follow my methods.

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