I Hate Food!

Hey guys, so I thought today I will make a post about food.

The title is misleading, I love food!

I want to start by saying that, I am not on any kind of diet, and I am definitely not a nutritionist. I use to have a gym membership; that I was paying for nothing because I never went. I do not count calories, I use too though, and the restriction was killing me.

A little background:
I am perfectly happy with my body, and I do not think negatively about myself. But for my health, I know I need to lose some weight. I have a max weight number in my mind that if I attained it, I would need to be 110% serious about my fitness and, well, I passed that number, so no more winging it.

Recently, I stumbled upon a picture on Pinterest which explained Intuitive Eating and I have been hearing about it on Instagram (a lot), it has not been long, but I have been trying it out.

Here’s the picture I found on Pinterest:

I try to ask myself and think about these questions when I eat. Which has been helping me have a better relationship with food and stop thinking negatively about what I eat. I listen to my body and make sure that before I eat a chocolate bar, that I am well nourished with whole foods and that I am well hydrated. And then I have the chocolate bar because if I don’t, most of the time I end up having more than one.

[FYI: I do not have much self-control!]

But I have been doing pretty good because I do not buy any junk food anymore, which helps because when you don’t have it in the house, you will not eat any.

How I break down my meals in a day:

  • Breakfast
  • Snack
  • Lunch (usually big)
  • Dinner (usually small) + Desert
  • Snack

Before I have breakfast, I make myself a cup of green tea and in a 32oz bottle, I fill it with cold water and half a lemon. So, while I drink the cold water + lemon, I make breakfast and then I drink the green tea with my breakfast. Breakfast is usually oatmeal with peanut butter, chia seeds and berries. Or if I am not feeling as hungry, I’ll have a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana.

I usually have a big lunch which fills me until dinner time. Lunch varies depending on whatever prepping I have done, but mainly it is Greek salad with either pasta or chicken. & The first snack is always fruit: banana, apple or grapes.

As for dinner, that also varies, depending on my cooking mood, what my mom cooked, and (if I am at my boyfriend’s) whatever he makes. I do like having eggs with potatoes, I recently bought organic sweet potato fries from Costco, which is a great combination with the eggs. And then, the last snack of the day I let myself have something tastier, something like; ice cream, pretzel chips, smart popcorn, granola bar, Brookside Acai & Blueberry covered Dark Chocolate (my favourite alternative for my sweet tooth) and …

Of course, I am not perfect and I find myself eating junk. I realized, it mainly happens when I am at work because my colleagues and I, often go to the dollarstore and get junk food to snack on (candies, chocolate & chips). & Like I said above, I do allow myself to have something, but I do not allow myself to have a whole bag of chips, for example.

Bottom line, be happy with yourself!! I am happy but I know I can be happier, and I want to live with the best version of myself possible.

Comment down below, if you have anything tips or ticks!?



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