Veggie Life – 2


Today, I want to talk about the people and organizations that have inspired me to change and that helped with the transition.

Little Message:

I changed the name of these posts because I officially decided, that for now, I’ll be a vegetarian. I thought I can cut out all animal-based foods all at once but that was so not realistic and I was having a hard time.

Obviously, I will not be eating any meats, and as for dairy products, I will still avoid them as much as possible but I will allow myself to consume some, but obviously as little as possible.

Now, these inspirations are all vegan but they are who/what inspired me and helped me.

Lauren Toyota

I started following Lauren on Youtube and then on her other social media sites. She runs a blog named, Hot for Food, that has sooo many vegan recipes. I love cooking, but I never cooked vegan types of foods. I didn’t really know anything about cooking tofu and I thought, that tofu is pretty much all that vegans eat, but by watching her videos I realized that I was so wrong. (Lol) Most of her recipes are super simple and are so delicious. She does a series of “What I ate in a Day” so you get to see basic things a vegan eats on a daily basis; those helped sooo much. She also does a series of Q&As where she answers tuns of vegan-related questions. Lauren also published a cookbook.

Kat Von D

When I was young, I use to watch Kat Von D’s LA Inc tv show and I always found her inspiring. When I found out she had a makeup line, I went along and bought a lot of her stuff and that is when I realized that she is vegan and that her makeup is also. Another amazing thing about Kat, is that every year on her birthday Kat volunteers at an animal sanctuary, where she also adopted an animal.

Krystel – A Good Friend of Mine

I only have one vegan friend, I met Krystel about five-six years ago. And from the very start I was inspired, but, at the time I was not open-minded to becoming vegan myself. But the moment I decided to, I messaged her and we spent a few hours hanging out and she answered a bunch of my questions. She’s also the one that referred me to Lauren Toyota’s channel.

I asked Krystel to say a little something about why she is vegan:

“I’m vegan for the animals. For all living creatures. Everything you do in life has a ricochet effect. Why do something you wouldn’t want to be done on you? Veganism has brought me so much joy in my life. Knowing that I make a difference and that I’m not contributing to mass murder every day helps me live my life happily. When people ask me what I eat, my favourite answer is: food. Because I don’t believe that animals are food for us. People often ask me if I miss eating cheeseburgers, bacon, shrimp, etc. I really don’t. Though my only regret is that I wish I made the transition to veganism sooner. I’m also vegan for my health. I’ve never really believed that pills are healthy for us and that’s why I don’t take any medication. My medication = veggies and fruits. My body feels so much lighter and my mind is at peace.”

Vegan Society

While doing research, I found the Vegan Society, they are the founders of the word vegan. On their website they have a 30 day Vegan Pledge, during those 30 days, they send you one email a day that talks about various vegan topics and they give tips and forms to look at. They also end their emails with a vegan recipe. I learned a lot from their emails and it became, like a ritual; I’d wake up, make breakfast and while I ate I read their email.


Peta is another great website to gather a lot of information from. They have a free vegan starter kit, I ordered it, I haven’t received it yet, so I do not know what it is yet. I might not even get it, it’s been over a month. I’ll let you guys know what’s inside if I do get it.

As stated in my previous “vegan” post, I mentioned a list of movies/documentaries that I watched that helped me with starting to change my life.

Go check out my previous post for that list.

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