So yesterday was a very special day, yesterday it marked 7 years that I am with my boyfriend.

7 YEARS!!!!

[Picture from 2014.]

I met my boyfriend on his 19th birthday through mutual friends and it was history from there.

It’s funny because that summer (2011) I was not looking for a boyfriend or anything like that. I just wanted to hang out and have fun with my friends and then he came into my life.

I guess that saying is true; if you stop looking for something it will come to you.

[Picture from 2015.]

I love the way people react when I tell them how long we have been together because we are still young. We met 2 months before my 17th birthday.

Do you want to know our secret?

It’s very simple, our relationship is between us and nobody else. We don’t talk to other people about our stuff or ask others for opinions. We discuss things together and we believe that is the best and only way to go about our relationship. We don’t have people meddling in our affairs, it’s me and him.

[For our anniversary of 2016 we went to the movies.]

We don’t live together, we are both in University and we live with our parents but we are planning on moving in together in the next year or two. We discuss our future all the time and I can’t wait for the next step in our lives.

[This is from the first time we went hiking together last summer.]

He means the world to me and I can’t believe how much I love him. After 7 years, I am still so crazy about him.

I wonder if people still write cards? We write cards for our birthdays and anniversaries, I love seeing his facial expressions when he reads my card.

[We made smores in my backyard for dessert yesterday.]

Happy 7 Years My Love! I love you, forever!

LivingbySophia-7-Crop 1

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