I hadn’t been shopping in a while and I decided to go to Value Village because I had a 30% discount coupon.

And oh boy, did I find some great stuff. I filled my cart to the top.


So I bought:

10 Shirts (6 t-shirts, 3 tanks & 1 button up)

1 Dress

1 Skirt


1 Winter Jacket

I have a hard time going to stores (other than thrift stores) because I got all those things above and I only paid 64$. I went to the shopping mall with my little brother on that same day and he bought one Nike tank for 30$. I can’t spend 30$ on only one shirt, maybe for two shirts, but even then, I got 13 pieces of clothing for 64$, that’s about 5$ a piece.

I have also come to realize that my thrifting habits are good for the environment. Because I am buying used, I am producing less waste and spending less money and if ever I regret something I buy, well I won’t feel so bad for donating it back to VV. I already regret buying the skirt, I went a little overboard this summer. I, for the first time in my life, bought dresses and I thought I was ready for skirts, but no. So that is going back!

All this to say, go to a thrift store and help the environment by buying second-hand!

Let me know in the comment section below if you end up going to a thrift store and tell me what you bought!


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