Hi guys,

Today, I want to talk about the planet. The beautiful planet we all share! In around March of 2018 when I decided to become vegetarian, I also decided to be more eco-friendly. I have made many, upon many switches and I cannot wait to share them with you.

I added links to all the products I use, those are not affiliated links. & This is not a paid ad. I just love the products!!

Let’s start with the bathroom:
(from head to toe)

Hair Shampoo: I use Lush ‘Honey I Washed My Hair‘ Shampoo Bar, it is extremely nourishing and it smells amazing.

Hair Conditioner: For this, I use Oneka Natural Hair Conditioner. I currently have lavender, but I originally wanted to get unscented. I go to a store in Rosemere named La Brise Verte with my own mason jar and they fill it up with the conditioner.

Face Cleanser: I use Lush Movis Facial Soap, I love this cleanser bar because it makes my skin feel fresh and not dry. I honestly only wash my face when I wash my hair, because I do not like using too many products on my face.

Face Oil: I make my own face oil and that is all I use; I do not put cream or whatever. The face oil is 1/4 cup Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil. I got the recipe on Pinterest. I have dry, sensitive and acne prone skin & all my problems went away once I started using this.

Toothbrush: I use a Bamboo toothbrush from a brand named Lavish Essentials, I purchase it on Amazon.
I know use a Bamboo toothbrush I bought from La Brise Verte.

Deodorant: So, this one is a tricky one, I have tried a few different types of deodorants and I still have not found the perfect one. I tried two from Lush, I made my own and I have bought a few online but nothing yet.
So, I could not stand smelling bad anymore and I caved.. I bought a deodorant. I bought a Canadian brand, that do not test on animals and that uses recycled material. I use Live Clean Power Clean Deodorant.

Body Wash: I buy soap bars from Lush, my two favorites are Figs & Leaves, and Bohemian. The first one makes me feel like I am back in nature and I find it very relaxing. The second has a lemon kick to it and I feel upbeat when I use it. They are almost finished though, but I won’t go buy more because my good friend Ganeya & Soaps makes different types of soaps and body products as a beautiful hobby and she gave me a few soap bars, so I’ll be using those next.

Razor: I bought a safety razor at the Zero Waste Festival in Montreal back in November. I got this exact one, Rockwell Razors, from Encore & Co.

Diva Cup: Yes, I made the switch! I tried it for the first time in January and I did freak out a little in the beginning but I am so happy I did it.

That is it for all my Zero Waste bathroom products, maybe next time I’ll do what is in my bag as an eco-minded person.

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