Things That Made Me Happy (August)

1. I had an amazing 24th birthday, doing what I love most (hiking) & with the man I love the most. [the beautiful view] [my Boo & me] 2. I completed a little self-challenge. I already made a post about it. Click the link below Junk Food Challange 3. I officially finished school on August […]

Things That Made Me Happy (July)

Hi guys, I just want to check in and say thank you for being here and reading my posts. I have been doing these series of posts for a few months now and I am loving it. Let’s get started.. 1. I bought my own kayak! I am actually obsessed with kayaking and I go […]

Things That Made Me Happy (June)

1. I went Kayaking (for the first time ever) with my Brothers! I also went for a second time with my brothers again and my cousin. PS: I mentioned that I have a fear of water/drowning, well I think I am slowly overcoming that. 2. I also went Hiking this month! Again with my brothers. […]

Things That Made Me Happy (May)

1. Started Summer School — Even though I’m lazy at doing my homework and stuff, I do love going to school. And this means that I’ll finish this year, not next year. 2. We got a new kiosk at work and it’s sooo much bigger and nicer. 3. I got a spinning bike and I […]